10 Solusi Manajemen Kabel Keren

Berapa banyak kabel yang ada dimeja anda baik dikantor maupun dirumah? seruwet apa kabel-kabel tersebut? berikut 10 solusi manajemen kabel keren yang dapat anda pilih 🙂

  1. Leaf Tie
  2. Cable Drop
  3. Cable Monkey
  4. CableBox Mini
  5. Dotz
  6. PowerCurl for Mac
  7. Wire Blooms Cable Clips
  8. Fork and Cream Sauce
  9. Driin Phone Holder
  10. Cordies

Via : Mashable

Muhammad Panji

Muhammad Panji. Full time Dad of Muhammad Avicenna Al-Khawarizmi, husband of Riris Retno Widati (@ririsretno), part time Technologist. Currently work as Senior Systems Enginner at Ice House.

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