David Ebersman, CFO Facebook yang baru

davidEbersmanFacebook mengumumkan CFO nya yang baru, David Ebersman. sebelumnya Ebersman adalah CFO Genentech sampai perusahaan itu diakuisisi oleh Roche.

Kutipan Dari Press Release Facebook :

Facebook today announced that David Ebersman, the former executive vice president and chief financial officer (CFO) of Genentech, the pioneering biotechnology firm recently acquired by Roche, will become the company’s chief financial officer.

Ebersman will report to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder Mark Zuckerberg. He will oversee Facebook’s finance, accounting, investor relations, and real estate functions. He also becomes a part of the company’s executive management team, which directs all aspects of company strategy, planning and operations. Ebersman will formally start in September 2009.

“We received a lot of interest in the CFO position and had the opportunity to meet with many impressive candidates,” said Mark Zuckerberg. “We quickly recognized that David was the right person for Facebook. He was Genentech’s CFO while revenue tripled, and his success in scaling the finance organization of a fast growing company will be important to Facebook.”

“After meeting with Mark and the rest of the team, I was thoroughly impressed with everyone’s drive and sense of purpose to help people connect and share,“ noted Ebersman. “Mark is constantly pushing the company forward and he’s assembled a world-class team that is achieving remarkable results both for its users and as a business. I’m excited to join this effort and this new industry.”

Ebersman worked at Genentech for nearly 15 years. He served as the firm’s executive vice president and CFO from 2006 through April 2009, when Roche Group acquired the company. Prior to joining the company’s finance organization, he was senior vice president of Product Operations. He joined Genentech as a business development analyst. Previously, he was a research analyst at Oppenheimer & Company Inc.

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Nama paling banyak digunakan di Facebook

Tahukah anda nama depan, belakang dan nama lengkap apa yang paling banyak digunakan di Facebook?

Rapleaf, perusahaan yang bergerak di layanan pencarian otomatis di jejaring sosial baru saja merilis hasil pencariannya.

Berikut Hasil yang diperoleh :
First Name Results
Here are the top 10 most popular first names on Facebook:

First Name Count
1. John 1,037,972
2. David 966,439
3. Michael 798,212
4. Chris 647,966
5. Mike 535,065
6. Mark 526,198
7. Paul 511,504
8. Daniel 504,203
9. James 494,945
10. Maria 484,693

Last Name Results
Here are the top 10 most popular last names on Facebook:

Last Name Count
1. Smith 1,049,158
2. Jones 520,943
3. Johnson 440,978
4. Lee 392,709
5. Brown 375,444
6. Williams 372,486
7. Rodriguez 328,984
8. Garcia 311,477
9. Gonzalez 277,987
10. Lopez 269,896

Full Name Results
Here are the top 10 full names on Facebook:

Full Name Count
1. John Smith 75,980
2. Joe Smith 14,648
3. Bob Smith 13,846
4. Mike Smith 11,199
5. Juan Carlos 10,254
6. Jane Smith 10,023
7. Mike Jones 10,014
8. David Smith 9,322
9. Sarah Smith 8,534
10. James Smith 8,397

Anda juga bisa memperoleh data dalam bentuk CSV :
Top 100 First Names on Facebook.csv

Top 100 Last Names on Facebook.csv

Top 100 Full Names on Facebook.csv

Perampingan MySpace di negara jajahan Facebook

myspaceall-300x301MySpace mengalami kekalahan dalam perang untuk meraih pengguna dengan facebook. bahkan di Amerika Serikat sekalipun yang merupakan basis pengguna MySpace. Kantor MySpace di London, Berlin, dan Sydney akan dipertahankan sementara kantor MySpace di Argentina, Brazil, canada, Perancis, India, Italia, Meksiko, Rusia, Swedia, dan Spanyol akan direstrukturisasi.

Data dari comScore, di India jumlah pengunjung unik facebook 6,4 juta sementar MySpace hanya 848 ribu, di Argentina pengunjung unik facebook 5,5 juta sementara MySpace 611 ribu. di Spanyol 7,2 juta pengunjung unik untuk facebook sementara MySpace 1,5 juta.

Detail facebook vs MySpace dalam grafik berikut :











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